Mr Tycoon’s Flip Squad

Mr. Tycoon’s Flip Squad helps you connect with other investors, generate leads and find deals.  You get a profile that features your business information and showcases your products and services.

Together We Can Build a Long-Term Partnership For Success

It’s almost guaranteed, no matter what kind of problem you might face as an owner, chances are someone else has already dealt with that problem successfully. Join our community and learn from the collective experiences of the entire group. Membership is $1 for the first 14 days, so Join Now.

Member Directory

Directory of members listing their products, services and a direct way to connect with them.


An ongoing social environment, our forums are where you can communicate with members and teach what you know while learning from other players in real estate and business.

Guest Columns

Motivating your own success with topics ranging from real estate, to internet marketing, to business management techniques and goal setting for success.

Member Marketplace

List your specials, sell your items and services to other members of the community. Need help, or have something in particular you are looking for. This is the place. Need personnel? There is even a job board.

Forms and Agreements Library

You need an agreement or form to do almost anything in real estate and business. That’s why our forms and agreements library is a great place to start. Regularly updated by the Gold Club team, and organized for easy acquisition.


Ask Mr. Tycoon Discussion Forum

Your pipeline to Mr. Tycoon and the most knowledgeable members on his team, “Ask Mr. Tycoon” welcomes your direct questions on issues that you need help with. Mr. Tycoon answers questions here each week in a Q&A video..

Webinars & Events: Calendar and mailings

Mr. Tycoon does frequent educational and event-coordinated webinars on his own and with leaders throughout the industry. Our single and multi-day training events are often available via live streaming, and they run the gamut from real estate school to online wealth building.

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