In Order to Get Your Money Right, You Have to Get Your Mind Right!

This comprehensive Live Event with
 Mr. Tycoon will gives you everything you need to know to Buy Nice Houses 
"Subject To" the existing financing.
  • Subject To Magic (Little Risk / Big Rewards)
  • Subject To Advantages for the Seller
  • Subject To Advantages for the Buyer
  • Learn to avoid the Pitfalls of Subject To
Join Us March 17th at
2221 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 
 And Become A Wholesale Renegade!
ONLY - $297
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Learn the 5 Ways To Make Money with Subject To
  • Get paid to buy from seller
  • Non-refundable option consideration from tenant/buyer
  • Spread between the mortgage payment and the lease payment you receive
  • Back end profit
     (The difference between what you paid for the home and what you sell it for)
  • Tax benefits such as depreciation and interest deductions
Advantages To Buying Using Subject To
  • Banks are not needed.
  • Low Closing Costs
  • Fast Closing Time
  • Credit not Needed
  • Use the owner's interest rate (usually lower)
  • Own the property with long term financing in place

After You Implement these Strategies,
You’ll Be Able To:
  •  Pay Off All Your Past Due Bills or Lingering Credit Card Balances
  •  Start Building (or Rebuilding) Your Retirement Account so You Never Have to Worry About Running Out of Money During Retirement
  •  Quit Your JOB (Just Over Broke) and Live Your Life in Freedom
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